product-1"Manufacturing of complex net shapes"

Huizheng produces high-tech aluminum components for the automotive industry, cylinder heads, engine blocks and transmission parts which are the main elements of a vehicle.

In their production, Huizheng incorporates the highest and most sophisticated technology in design and casting processes.



Die Casting


Industry and especially automotive engineering parts are our main demand of aluminium die casting parts as you can see in the following examples that we manufacture OEM for our customers such as: Speed Controller Cover , Start Motor Driving Cover, Fuel Pump Cover, Smoke Limiter among other.


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In our machining workshop fully equipped with more of 40 years of experience we do all the necessary machining work for our die casting parts assuring the quality requirements as well a machining parts that our customers demands us according their OEM design.

Our Precision CNC Machining services including milling, turning, drilling, grinding, lathe and other.

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Another of our productive capacities is in the welding and that by our long professional relationship with the most important companies in the sector of the gardening, agriculture and engine has required the manufacture of components and parts for Horse Tiller, Generators and Motorcycles.


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The constant outsourcing of some assembly processes in the biggest manufacturers has demanded the implementation of assembly lines to meet the needs of our customers in order to provide the semi finished parts.

Engine Throttle Valve and Speed Controler Cover are some of our best examples.

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